4 Functions

This section provides an organized list of the available functions in the nbc4va package and a brief description of what they are used for.

4.1 Utility Functions

  • nbc4vaGUI: web-based graphical user interface using shiny
  • nbc4vaIO: convenient file input and output of model results

4.2 Main Functions

  • nbc: fit a NBC model using training data to make predictions on testing data
  • summary.nbc: summarize nbc() model results with informative metrics
  • plot.nbc: plot the top predicted causes of death by cause specific mortality fractions from a nbc() model

4.3 Wrapper Functions

  • topCOD.nbc: get the top cause of death predictions from nbc()
  • csmf.nbc: get the predicted cause specific mortality fractions from nbc()

4.4 Extra User Functions

  • ova2nbc: wrapper function for accepting openVA inputs to create a nbc() model